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We offer cell-free synthesis and amplification technologies of large DNA molecules


OriCiroTM Cell-Free Cloning System is an innovative tool enabling cell-free assembly and amplification of circular DNA molecules without E. coli transformation and culture. This product can not only streamline your workflow dramatically but also widen the scope of your genetic engineering techniques. This product is composed of OriCiro Assembly Kit and OriCiro Amp Kit and designed to produce the maximum effect when used in combination although each kit can be used independently.


  • Artificially designed viral vector and plasmid construction

  • Amplification of long DNA and sequences difficult to amplify by PCR

  • Alternative to time-consuming and laborious  E. coli cloning

  • Recombinant phage production

  • Efficient cloning of any DNA sequence, including cytotoxic and GC-rich


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We support your experimental for your DNA construction based on OriCiro Cloning Kit

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CRO service

We provide on-demand service including a service of creating custom-made library of large DNA molecules

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