OriCiro Cell-free PASS agreement

1.The Products to be offered for sale or sold by Company to customer under General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


2. Scope

Providing OriCiro cell-free technology for your own research purpose at corporate customer

3.Commercial license agreement

As a result of using this program for your own research purpose. Commercial license agreement is required when moving to the following stages.

  • Preclinical (animal) study and/or further studies in drug development

  • Use as a part of manufacturing material and /or it’s process

  • Using OriCiro cell-free reagent as a raw material and/or in the manufacturing process.

  • DNA and cell lines (yeast, phage and microbiome) has created by OriCiro cell-free technology out-licensing to a third-party customer 



All Products ordered by customer shall be packed for shipment and handled in accordance with Company’s standard commercial practices and the form of packaging.

4-1 Defective Products

Company shall not accept any returns of defective Products except under the following conditions:

(a) Customer shall do inspection within twenty-four (72) hours of receipt to inspect each Product package and to promptly notify Company in writing of any defect observable in such inspection.

(b)  If OriCiro examinations confirm Customer’s complaint, OriCiro shall, at Company’s option, issue a credit for the defective Product or deliver replacement Product(s) to customer at Company’s expense. Any credits issued will be limited to the Purchase Price for the defective Product.

5. Compliance for usage

6. Confidential Agreement

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